Josep Guardiola spoke at a press conference before meeting Spurs.

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Josep Guardiola spoke at a press conference before meeting Spurs (February 5) about getting midfielder Phil Foden back from injury to help the agency count on one action. The gate to the new open field that has been used for more than 4 years.

Foden has suffered a foot injury since the 2-1 defeat to Manchester United last month. then returned to training as usual for two meals this week. So I believe it’s good enough to sail south to London.

But defender John Stones, who suffered a hamstring injury in last week’s. FA Cup fourth-round tie will miss three to four weeks of action. 

“Foden should have the weekend name. Because he trained with the team for two full meals,” Guardiola opened his mouth. 

“Stones will be out for three or four weeks or less.”

As for the black bow statistics, never scored a goal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in a league game since it opened in 2019. Guardiola hopes to start counting one. even know better ‘Golden Spurs’ still strong even without head coach Antonio Conte recovering after surgery for cholecystitis

“Antonio is a very active person on the sidelines. He guides the team very well.” added Josep Guardiola

“They have different styles of play. The players have learned it well. He will definitely be able to return to his original position.” UFABET 

“As for visiting there, opponents often do better than us.” 

“I always feel when visiting Tottenham, in the big games, they always come up with a trick to punish. It is a tight competitor.”

“Even if you don’t win the league but always go to the CHPL ready to challenge the top four quotas.” 

Asian handicap Manchester City per half, halves -10, total score of three goals -5