Tottenham Hotspur assistant head coach suggests Conte recovers quickly.

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Tottenham Hotspur assistant head coach Christian Stellini said at a press conference ahead of the Manchester City meeting (February 5). That perhaps the sidelines may have real football boss Antonio Conte recover. From health problems down to acting by yourself.

Conte had surgery for cholecystitis in midweek. If it’s a normal person, it will take a break of 7-10 days before returning to duty. But with a workaholic like Conte, 3-4 is enough to win the weekend. 

“We still don’t know exactly when Antonio Conte will return,” said Stellini. Tottenham Hotspur

“Everything is Possible”

“The surgery process went well. He recovered quickly and is at home now.”UFABET

“We still have two days left to play on the field. Everything can happen.”  

“Decisions will be made on Saturday. We will prepare ourselves for every situation. Let the doctor who owns the fever be the one who diagnoses you.” 

“I don’t think anyone here can stop you lightly. The person was aware that he had just had surgery. It would be surprising if he was on the sidelines this week because it wasn’t easy. 

“Conte is a smart guy, he knows what’s going on. Surgery on the aforementioned point is not the worst. But it’s still a major surgery. You know how to take care of yourself.” 

Right-hand man Conte also revealed that the squad was complete when striker Richarlison recovered.

“Yes, we have Richarlison, who is slightly injured, back and ready to play. He practiced all week.” 

“No one will suffer more. We gave the injury rehabilitation, including Lucas Moura – the team are happy to say he is back in training this week after playing half time for the U21s.” 

Asian handicap Manchester City per half, halves -10, total score of three goals -5