ten Hag refrained commenting on the future of Greenwood.

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Manchester United team manager Erik ten Hag refrained from commenting on the future of striker Mason Greenwood. At a press conference ahead of Crystal Palace (February 4). Saying only the midfield sign. Dang Marcel Sabitzer hopes to be named in the competition.

Greenwood, who was charged with three criminal counts was acquitted all of which ended his duel. The next step is to investigate and take action within the organization. 

Which, when encountering a question about the 21-carat scandal. UFABET ‘ETH’ spoke neutrally, did not rush to conclude that the good footballer was right or wrong. 

“No, nothing to say. I can’t give any further details. I’m referring to the club’s statement.” The Dutch boss zipped his mouth. 

Ten Hag was further accused of how little he played in the internal investigation. The boss of Old Trafford still collects intimate information.

“As I’ve learned so far, I can’t comment further on the process.”

“Have you met or spoken to Greenwood yet? I couldn’t say anything. Lean according to the club’s statement as of now, can’t add any comments at all. 

But what the 53-carat manager hinted at was Sabitzer, on loan from Bayern Munich, hoping to make his debut at Old Trafford. 

“Obviously he only trained for one meal on Thursday. but saw that the physical condition was good He’s a fit player. 

“A player from Bayern Munich could not expect a physical condition otherwise. They are a team that always simmers their players. I think he’s ready to race.” 

“I think he’s a smart player. and thought we had to give him some guidance. But at the same time, that guy knows what to do and knows the job well.” 

Asian handicap Manchester United per half-half -10, total score of two and a half