Mikel Arteta willing to be the best coach for the 3rd season.

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has been named the Premier League’s best head coach of the month for January 2023. His third time in the current season.

A statement from the league’s website said. Arteta led the Gunners to remain top of the table having picked up seven points from three games. All of which are team-level competitors competing for the championship. Resulting in them having a chance to win number 1 in the country again since the 2003-04 season UFABET

Arsenal started the month with a goalless draw with Newcastle. Traveling to the nose of Tottenham Hotspur for the first time in the league since 2014. And beating Manchester United in a thrilling three.

The standout form saw the Gunners extend their 13-game unbeaten run. Their longest run in five years in the English Premier League. 

Arsenal started the month on TV

“After the World Cup break you have questions in your head – how will our team react? Will we be ready when we go on the pitch? Or will we lose momentum?”

“I don’t think we lost form. Instead, he saw that he was taking good advantage of that period.”

“It’s lucky that we haven’t had any big problems during the World Cup break. The whole team reacted well and won enough games.” 

“It’s hard to choose the best hour because we’ve had favorites so many times. But if you really have to choose a game that goes out to win Spurs as an away team is one key. 

Arteta is the first head coach to win the award, two months after Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola did it in November and then in December 2021.

Mikel Arteta has won the award five times in his career as a head coach, three times in 2022-23: Jan 2023, Nov/Dec 2022, Aug 2022, Mar. Oct 2022 and Sep 2021