How to play roulette?

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There are several types of roulette available: European, American and French roulette. Most popular in both physical and online casinos, European Roulette is a simpler game consisting of 37 numbers from zero to 36. Each number has a color (red or black) except zero, which is green.

The betting possibilities are very simple or many that are still abundant. Bets can be inside or outside.

Inside bets have better bonuses. But it’s less likely to happen like:UFABET 

  • Full: Bet on one number.
  • Horse: Bet on 2 dividing lines.
  • Street: Bet on 3 numbers in a column of horizontal numbers.
  • Table: Bet on the middle 4 numbers.
  • Line: Place a side bet on 6 numbers.

Unlike inside bets, outside bets are more likely to happen. But the prize is smaller.
Dozen: Cards that are in the 1st Dozen (1 to 12) or the Second Dozen (13 to 24) or Four Dozen (25 to 36) squares.

Columns: Plates placed in the base of vertical columns (1 to 34, 2 to 35, or 3 to 36).

Par or Odd: A playing card in the shape of a rectangle, covering 18 numbers (even or odd 18).

Major or Minor: A playing card in the shape of a rectangle. Covers numbers from 1 to 18 (minor) or 19 to 36 (major).

Red or Black: Tab plays in a rectangle covering 18 numbers (with a red background or 18 with a black background).