Enzo Fernandez before he ended up moving to Chelsea.

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Enzo Fernandez before he ended up moving to Chelsea was considered to have gone through many complicated processes. One of them is the negotiation between the new agency and the old agency. who talked so wrong that they almost had a fight.

According to Portuguese newspaper Derio Records. Although the 22-year-old’s move from Benfica to Stamford Bridge will reach a figure of €121m (around £108m). But until the atmosphere on the negotiation table was fierce UFABET

by the media asserting that there was an appointment to discuss on January 3 in London Led by the president of the club ‘Lisbon Falcons’ Rui Costa. Chelsea owner Todd Bohly and super agent Jorge Mendes. 

Talks have been heated with Benfica insisting on a release clause. But the Blues play tricks and offer one player in exchange plus another 90m euros (around £80m). causing dissatisfaction with Costa. Almost to the point of infliction. 

When regaining consciousness on the Benfica side, listen to the extras offered by Chelsea to Jorginho. But rejected by the top team in Lisbon. 

When trying to ask for details, Mateo Kovacic was stuck at an expensive wage of 5.6 million euros – per year (about 5 million pounds). Of course, Benfica could not hire causing the negotiations to stall. 

Until Enzo Fernandez was taught to use the devil to record a video clip criticizing Benfica’s management. Which became the last straw until Costa approved the sale just to reach the release clause. Which everything was done by the deadline.