Darwin Nunez hopes to repay Klopp.

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Darwin Nunez the Liverpool striker wants to make a return to the team manager Jurgen Klopp, who has been trying to bring in a price of 85 million pounds. Hopes that in the second half of the 2022-23 season. The striker is as effective as Football at Benfica will release stuff.

Nunez has just scored 10 goals in all competitions under the Reds. Which should have been more given his chances or run to make way for more legs. 

And the 23-year-old will hope his molt starts against Wolves at Molineux Stadium (February 4).

“You can’t speak Spanish. As for me, I’m still not good at communicating in English. UFABET So we don’t understand each other as much as we should.”

“But since I joined Liverpool, my son has always tried to give me confidence.”

“I think what you want to see from me is the kind of performance that you did when you were at Benfica. Such as the top matches. Champions League last season which leverages outstanding form.

“Currently, I think I’m still not playing well. But I always want to develop my work. Trying to live every day.”

“Klopp knows my strengths are speed, running. Both you taught me to be calm when I played and I needed to move more.

“He told me what needed to be done. said to be a quality player. So it’s not much, not less for what the manager of the team demands. And of course another thing is to score more goals. 

If Darwin Nunez adjusts to confidence, it is believed that he will shoot a bunch because the average of the shot – per – match is up to 5.9 times. The highest in the league.