“Mold” on the bed-blanket How dangerous is it to health?

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Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai The Director-General of the Department of Health said that an important factor that causes mold is dampness that accumulates in various parts of the house. Traces of mold can be found on furniture, bedding, closets, and areas with leaks or cracks in the house that seep water. and water leaked into the house Makes it wet and damp, becoming a source of molds. If left untreated, it will affect health and cause disease. 

How does mold on the bed and blankets affect the body?

This is because fungi can create spores that spread into the air. When inhaled in large quantities for a long period of time Will cause various symptoms such as 

  • headache 
  • Have a fever 
  • Stuffed nose 
  • Eye irritation 

and may cause serious illnesses such as asthma and pneumonia. Especially those who have allergies. When exposed to fungus through skin or inhalation Will cause various allergic reactions such as 

  • allergic rash 
  • Eye inflammation 
  • sore throat 
  • runny nose 


How to get rid of mold on beds, blankets, and other parts of the house.

For how to get rid of molds in the house You can follow the instructions as follows. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

  1. If it’s a blanket Boil it in hot boiling water to kill germs. Then wash and rub them clean and dry them in the sunlight. 
  2. If the blanket has a lot of molds growing on it. Getting rid of the molds on the blanket may not be effective. It should be thrown away to prevent the molds from spreading to other areas.
  3. For mold on mattresses or mattresses that have traces or a musty smell. To get rid of mold, start by spraying disinfectant all over the mattress. Or use rubbing alcohol mixed with warm water to wipe away any traces of mold on the mattress. Then put the mattress out to dry in the sun. When the mattress is completely dry Vacuum both sides of the mattress again. 
  4. If there are still so many traces of mold that it is difficult to get rid of it. Such mattresses or mattresses should not be used for good sleep hygiene.
  5. Before cleaning to remove mold, blankets, mattresses or mattresses You should wear a mask and rubber gloves to prevent the fungus from entering your body. 
  6. When cleaning and eliminating mold is finished. You should take a shower to thoroughly clean your body immediately.